Nigerian Female Celebrities Brutally Attack Actor Okon For What He Said About Women And Prostitutes – SEE DETAILS

Nigerian Female Celebrities Brutally Attack Actor Okon For What He Said About Women And Prostitutes – SEE DETAILS

Actor Okon who is unshaken by the backlash he got over the video in which he joked about rape. Recall that the Nollywood actor who praised Abuja policeman who raped the ladies accused of being prostitutes that they should have charged them with theft and not rape. However, Nigerian female celebrities are not taking it likely, some of them are angry at their colleague for making this so called joke. They have described the video as disgusting, and barbaric.

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Singer Waje called out Bishop Umoh aka Okon Lagos over the video. She stated that it is quite a shame for him to say something like that as rape is rape, no matter the job the person involved strives on. She wrote: “SHAME!!!!!!”.

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Mary Njoku

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Actress Mary Njoku who was disgusted by the video made by her colleague, didn’t perceive it as a joke. She said: “Wow!!! Someone can say this on social media and go home to his Wife/Mum/Daughter/Sister. Nothing happens. So Ashawo no be Human Beings, they are PRODUCTs. Hmmm. This Joke isn’t Funny. At All”.

Kemi “Lala” Akindoju

The Nigerian actress in a not so long but heartbroken statement expressed her thought on the controversial video. She wrote: “I am very angry and disappointed this morning. It is only in Nigeria that entertainers and comedians make jokes about rape and disabilities and still get to justify what is obviously wrong.

“Mr Imeh Bishop sir, your video was inappropriate and wrong. You don’t make jokes about anything that has to do with rape especially when human beings and the violation of human rights are involved. Women were packed in their numbers and were raped repeatedly with policemen using pure water sachets as condoms and you think there’s a joke there???

“You can’t suddenly turn this into ‘condemning commercial sex workers ‘ as it is shameful enough that our country punishes only the women and not the men who patronize them. It is also shameful that our country doesn’t care about human rights. Even if a person is a ‘criminal’ according to the Nigerian constitution, does that mean they have no rights????

“What is bad is bad, that video was bad. The end! @okonlagos”.

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